503/505 East Third Street

In the early twentieth century, brick houses associated with two prominent East End residents - John Caulder and William Perkins - stood on this site.

Caulder, who lived at 505 East Third Street, was the principal of Constitution Elementary School, which opened in 1883 with 100 pupils.
Perkins trained over 600 Thoroughbred winners in 18 years. In 1926, he boasted more winning horses (82 races) than any other trainer in the country. He lived in his house at 503 East Third until his death in 1927.

Until recently, a mural by the artist Sudiata Rashid was affixed to the Race Street elevation of the Lexington Market. Called “Know Your History. Then Make History,” the mural was unveiled in 2013 and featured portraits of former and current East End residents. The artist wanted to tie the past and present together by painting the past in black and white and the future in color.



503/505 East Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky