Courtney Mathews

Mathews was the overseer of Ashland Stud for thirty-eight years.

The Courtney Mathews House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Courtney Mathews (1868-1940) began working for jockey Lucian Lynn’s family at the age of sixteen. He quickly grew into an adept trainer and was hired by the owner of Ashland Stud, Thomas Clay McDowell, in 1897. He conditioned horses for McDowell and was the overseer of Ashland Stud for the next thirty-eight years. Matthews and his wife, Louise, purchased their home at 547 Breckinridge Street in 1928. The house, built c. 1905, is made of rough-cut sandstone blocks. The style of this house embodies a transitional period between Victorian irregularity in its footprint and the blockiness of the Arts and Crafts foursquare in the early 20th century. The distinctive style, materials and size of this home demonstrate Mathews’ success and influence in the industry. Breckinridge Street was located only one street over from the Kentucky Association Racetrack. The street’s unorthodox width is due to the fact that it once served electric streetcars until 1933. This photo taken in 1884 shows Triton, a horse belonging to Ashland Stud. For more information on Mathews and his home, please follow this link to the National Register of Historic Places form.



547 Breckenridge Street, Lexington, Kentucky